Kameswaran Ramachandran [a.k.a] Kamee presently working in GLU Mobiles Hyderabad as Creative Director, With overall 24 years of computer graphics world & inclusive 10 years of professional full time game industry experience working with technology such as Unity ,Unreal, Torque, and other Game Engines.

In the Game Segment Kamee has handled and successful production on High end Game productions ,Currently @ Glu  Mobile he has worked on Various  mobile games Deer Hunter VR, Deer Hunter 2018 , Deer Hunter Classic , Dino Hunter , Sniper X ,Terminator Genisys Guardian,Hercules: The Official game,Deer Hunter Reloaded . Previously at FXLabs ,He played various roles – ranging from Producer, Lead Level Designer and Tech-Art Lead; with areas covering project planning, scheduling, setting up pipeline and delivery. He was responsible for team and studio output, interaction with clients, production management, streamlining art pipelines, recruitment and R&D on art projects. He has worked on many games like, Netherworld, Archie’s Riverdale Run, NFL Paper Bowl 2010, Mumbhai, Ganesha Stories, using engines like Unity ,Unreal, Torque (T3d, TGEA, TGB) , custom  engines and others.

Hands on production experience mainly on the complete creative and technical side of gaming , He has also trained more than 50 members on various aspects of 3D and Game engine and his training has helped to get Quality studio output with available resources. Accustomed to managing multiple projects starting from scratch to the final directorial product within stringent time and budgetary constraints

In the 3D Animation Segment Kamee has worked as Production Supervisor & 3D Senior Artist for complete 3d anim production of 40mins Angel wars and few more. On the 2D Animation Segment ,Kamee has worked on Head Digital divisions had this opportunity to complete a 13 episode (each 22 minutes) animation serial in Hindi (India’s National Language) called “Tara Ki Duniya” ( meaning : Tara’s world). This series was later telecast on the National television network in India several times over.

Kamee also worked on more than 30 commercials, Visual effects for feature films, Multimedia and educational compact Disc, Corporate Presentations. Kamee has Hands on experience on Modeling, Lighting, unwrapping, texturing, compositing and Editing. He likes to work more on R&D to give high quality output. Kamee has in-depth knowledge of a variety of 3D and 2D applications .And has integrated a multi-software pipeline to produce high quality output .In the process, he has created and designed viable Production pipelines.

His claim to fame “Indian Ancient Crown” has been Published in from 3dsmax 7 to 3dsmax 2012 in user showcase & Tutorial Page and also in Elemental 1 Book (Elemental showcases the world’s best Discreet 3D art. The first collaborative title in Ballistic Publishing’s growing list of digital art books, the book has been created in partnership with Discreet, a division of Autodesk)


Kamee also lectured in the Hyderabad program of Train the Trainer T3 on January 3, 2009 on Game production and Pipeline for Autodesk, Nvidia in association with CGTantra.